Author Guidelines for Writing Article

Use the following template to write articles. Please copy the contents of your article into the following template.

All paper written in INDONESIA LANGUAGE

 Templates already have the style needed to write. Please save your article in *.doc / *.docx format. Please do not send articles in *.pdf format, so that it is easy to edit and the interests of the review.


General Instructions:

  1. The article consists of 5-10 pages, written with a 12pt font Times New Roman with a space of 1.0 space with A4 paper size and using Indonesian.
  2. The storage format uses the extension *.doc / *.docx /*.rtf
  3. The article structure consists of: Title, Author, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussions, Conclusions, References.

Special Instructions:

Title: Written with the Times New Roman size 15pt bold with a maximum of 12 words.

Author: Written under the title with the Times New Roman size 11pt style italics.

Abstract: Maximum 200 words, using the Times New Roman size 12pt, written in Indonesian. Maximum keyword 5 words.

Introduction: The preliminary content contains background, purpose, identification of problems and research methods, which are described in an implicit manner. Except for the preliminary chapter and the chapter of the conclusion, the writing of the chapter titles should be explicitly adjusting its contents. It does not have to be implicitly stated as the basis of theory, design, and so on. The preliminary contents generally only cover 10-20% of the total paper. Don't forget to include the purpose of the research conducted on this paper. [Calibri Font, 12pt]

Method: The contents of the research method are formulating the problems studied in more detail (as far as possible written mathematically) and explain the proposed method. When using an algorithm, it can be explained in this section, along with the State of the Art. The contents of the research method generally only cover 20-30% of the total paper. [Calibri Font, 12pt]

Results and Discussion: This section can be described the results of the research along with the tests that have been carried out. In addition, it was also conveyed regarding the discussion of the research and testing that had been carried out. The results and discussion should be the most contents of the paper in a paper. The contents of the results and discussion can reach 50-65% of the total paper.

Conclusion: Conclusion must clearly indicate the results obtained, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the possibility of further development. Conclusion should be in the form of paragraphs, not in the form of points.

Reference: Writing a bibliography using the APA format in the order in accordance with the order of the situation in the paper manuscript. Sources of libraries written in the previous library must be referred to in the manuscript, written sequentially. It is recommended to use tools such as Mendeley, Zotero and other Reference Management Tools. Sources of literature are highly recommended to be issued in the last 5 years, except for the Book/Primary Bibliography. The minimum number of bibliography is 10 Bibliography.